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Video Conferencing

Video conferencing solutions make remote voice, video, and web meetings as natural and effective as face-to-face meetings. The Rich-media solutions are usually deployed “on network,” behind the firewall, and integrated directly into an organization’s private networks and enterprise applications.

As well as being very secure these conferencing solutions save money as they use internal networks—converged IP network or TDM environments — enabling significant reductions in transport costs associated with conferencing. Additionally Rich-Media Conferencing solutions make conferencing simple by providing convenient desktop integrations with applications such as Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes, to facilitate meeting setup, attendance, and management.

The benefits that rich-media conferencing solutions provide to any organization include; increased speed of decision making and operational effectiveness through improved communication and collaboration between employees, customers, and partners; improved personal productivity with the simple, effective and intuitive integrated voice, video (room and desktop), and web conferencing.

CSint has unequalled experience in rich-media conferencing; designing, implementing, providing user training and supporting conferencing solutions for many different organizations.

Video conferencing is the "simplified" version of IP Conferencing. Multiple, integrated video and voice units are deployed at customer and client end-points, such as classrooms or conference rooms. Conference calls are initiated and managed with the voice and video traversing the network, both internal and external. Video Telephony is an extraordinary advancement in the way people and organizations communicate.

Let CSint help you bring the power of IP Conferencing to your organization. Let's talk!

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