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Secure Access Solutions

Our Secure Access Solutions allows customers to deploy network access solutions that protect the integrity & privacy of all information and allow organizations to have control of who has access to their information. The challenge for any business is how to make sure that only the right users have access to the right content.

Network users have the same requirements for quick easy access to resources, and therefore, remote network traffic needs protection via encrypted VPN tunneling, anti-virus scanning and appropriate policies. Also network transactions need privacy and integrity while remote users need to be authenticated and authorized.

CSint provide solutions, which address the requirement of WLANs, to authenticate users and protect the privacy and integrity of user's data as it passes through the air.

As part of the consideration for secure access, solutions are required for increasing the security of physical and logical access. Our solutions allow a network administrator to implement true identity-based network access control and policy enforcement. This approach allows organizations to easily authenticate, authorize, and account for all users of wired or wireless networks.

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