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Managed Server Services

Today’s business doesn’t simply rely on the availability of the IT infrastructure anymore. IT has become a critical business driver where downtime generates uneconomic loss. Organizations invest huge amounts of money and resources in the implementation and maintenance of high availability environments but often neglect proper monitoring and management of the infrastructure.

Systems that need to be operational 24x7 require care and attention 24x7. CSint’s Managed Server Services are based on over 10 years of profound experience. Combined with our exhaustive technical know-how and 24x7 best shore capabilities, CSint is able to guarantee maximum uptime for your critical systems.

Managed Server Services consist of three layers:

Prevention: pro-active interventions to prevent downtime
Detection: immediate awareness of problems occurrence
Response: timely response to correct detected problems

Prevention and detection require continuous monitoring. CSint ’s Network Operating Centre (NOC) keeps a watchful eye on your critical services, hardware components and system & event logs. Corrective actions can be quickly initiated remotely.

Working with CSint’s Managed Server Services allows organizations to scale their service model to meet their requirements. This flexibility allows companies to dramatically reduce service outages and operational expenses, thereby reducing their total cost of ownership (TCO).

Server Monitoring: most servers have redundant components, e.g. hard disks, fans, power supplies, memory, etc. CSint Team’s server monitoring generates an alarm when one of these components fails. This alarm is sent to our Network Operating Center and at the same moment a ticket is created in our central call tracking system. Then our service desk takes action to contact the hardware supplier and to execute or coordinate an onsite intervention.

Server Management: for business-critical servers it’s essential to check the operating system, the backup and some purpose or application specific services on a regular basis. This prevents problems from occurring, rather than having to repair them.

Managed Server Services provide organizations with excellent IT availability and support allowing them to focus on their core activities and deliver competitive leadership.

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