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Managed Network Services

Company data networks are barely capable of keeping up with rapidly evolving technology. Today’s competitive climate demands early adoption of emerging technologies, such as converged networks, which deal with both voice and data. Moreover, many enterprises grow through mergers and acquisitions. This creates disparate wired and wireless networks. These networks are portly connected and combine different technologies and brands. As well as dealing with diverse networks, network management also needs to obtain optimal connectivity with branch offices, subsidiaries, partners, suppliers and the Internet. When a network outage occurs, organizations can suffer heavy financial losses (both direct and indirectly).

There are two types of network downtime: degradation (when service performance is compromised) and outages (when a service is unavailable). CSint delivers network performance and availability by providing you with proactive 24x7 monitoring and management of your network systems.

Maximize network performance
Maximizing network performance is a challenge. Sudden peaks and network congestions take their toll on network performance. CSint’s network operations team monitors 24x7 various criteria on your active network components including routers CPU & memory utilization, errors & discards, voltage and temperature. Consequently, our team can prevent performance losses on your network, resulting in lower operational expenses.

Minimize network outages
Using thresholds, which are based upon your business needs, we observe your network devices 24x7. We can respond proactively before predefined thresholds are reached thus minimizing downtime.

Thanks to our flexible and modular solutions, our customers enjoy a cost-effective complete IT management package without investing in hardware, software, training, and personnel.

Managed Network Services Benefits

  • Access to experienced and skilled resources
  • 24x7 monitoring and management
  • Service outage reduction
  • Controlled introduction of new technologies
  • Remote installation of software patches and firmware updates
  • Extensive Reporting Capabilities

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