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Managed Security Services

CSint’s Managed Security Services (MSS) apply our people, processes, technology, and intelligence to help enterprises prevent, detect, and respond to vulnerabilities and threats in real-time.

Our security specialists offer threat detection and prevention, superior analysis and prioritized response to reduce security risks to reputation, operations, and assets. CSint’s Managed Security Services go beyond 24x7x365 monitoring of your security infrastructure, we help you manage security risks. The real work lies in evaluating threats, avoiding security breaches, responding quickly to incidents, setting up remediation and implementing security policies & awareness as well as providing 24x7 subject matter expertise to analyze & report on a full range of vulnerabilities and exploits.

The advantage of working with CSint’s as a managed security provider is that services can be scaled to meet an organization’s security requirements.

Managed Security Services can be thought of as 3 layers of defense, being:

Prevention: to keep intrusions out
Detection: to identify when an intrusion is occurring or has occurred
Response: to take action to defend against potential intrusions when detected

Service foundations are the fundamental services deployed before layering other enhancements or additional security services. Managed firewall, managed anti-spam and managed anti-virus are three foundation services in CSint’s managed security services portfolio.

On top of these service foundations, CSint offers the possibility to add other security enhancements either bundled or as a standalone service including:

Managed firewall service: This service offers a vendor-neutral approach to maximize your existing security investments while delivering around-the-clock monitoring, management and analysis of firewall logs.

Managed intrusion detection system (IDS) and intrusion prevention systems (IPS): This service protects your critical information assets from existing and emerging threats inside and outside the customer’s network.

Managed VPN’s: provide a stable and secure connection between different customer sites as well as flexible connectivity possibilities for remote workers

Managed content filtering: is a fully integrated solution that proactively monitors, blocks and reports not only on websites not allowed by the company policies, but also on any undesirable content such as spyware, malicious mobile code, instant messaging, streaming media and employee hacking.

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