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Corporate Networks

High data volumes, greater application diversity and increased centralization of IT resources to control information, save money and ensure compliance, mean that businesses must now invest in more scalable, flexible infrastructures. Applications produce, store and manipulate vast amounts of data for users to access and use. High priority, bandwidth-hungry content such as voice and video communication needs to share the same network that handles data backup and batch processing.

CSint can help you to transform your business with an infrastructure that supports innovative, collaborative applications, and improves your business agility. We make it easier for your staff to share skills and knowledge, to make fast, informed decisions and for your whole business to move swiftly to exploit change.

You can rely on us to take care of critical success factors such as high availability, business continuity and investment protection with an intelligent network design that is simple to manage, maintain and grow. Whatever your plans, we'll make sure you have the capacity to develop and launch innovative applications, on demand.

With a proven and extensive track record, CSint has the expertise to:

  • Consolidate all your networks into one, to cut operating costs and complexity, simplify fault resolution and maintenance, and deploy new applications faster
  • Generate more applications bandwidth, while reducing the cost and complexity of cabling, networks, switches and routers
  • Develop an intelligent, high availability network that enables your business to carry on operating, in spite of power failures, security breaches, fire, flood and other catastrophic events

We use the most appropriate hardware, software and other components to shape an infrastructure and help you manage complexity:

  • Wide area networking
  • Metropolitan area networking
  • Local area networking
  • Secure remote access
  • Wireless networking
  • Carrier and ISP services
  • Resilience and data recovery
  • Cabling

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