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Video Surveillance

Security/monitoring systems

Security is a term widely used in the computer industry. Security may be used to describe a need to protect intellectual assets stored in a PC or enterprise database. The term is also used to define the protection of a company's internal and external networks — protecting them from unauthorized entry and usage. Others may describe intrusion detection, spam and inappropriate usage outside of company's established policies on usage. Businesses and school districts may have the need for surveillance, continually looking at parking lots, hallways, shipping docks and storage facilities — 24x7x365.

At CSint we understand security. We provide a discrete network-based application using IP Cameras and software to monitor a school's entrance, parking lots and cafeteria. We know how to deploy an enterprise-wide, totally secure network — a network free from intrusion. We know how to take security down to the desktop to protect individuals and enterprises from inappropriate usage, spam and unwanted content.

CSint can design, build, implement, manage and monitor your IP Security system. We have the knowledge, skills, experience, and vendor partners to ensure successful results.

We have earned the confidence of our valued customers by providing professional assistance on all of our video surveillance systems, home security cameras & security camera systems.

We only carry Professional Grade security cameras and that equals quality. This is not the same type of surveillance camera equipment that you might have seen at your local discount store. Sometimes the same manufacturer designs several lines of products in order to attract different customer levels. The highest quality line of every manufacturer is their Professional Grade line and that is all we carry.

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